Who am I?

I am 23 years old and I come from Italy. Currently, I am in my first semester of the Master’s program in Sustainable Communication at Jönköping University.
I have a bachelor in marketing and corporate communication, gained in Milano; during my exchange in the USA, I took some very interesting courses regarding sustainability and strategic communication and that’s when I started to get passionate about sustainability and the great benefits that a good strategic plan can bring to companies!

Experience and goal

I worked for a year in a digital marketing agency in Milano. It was overall a good experience, but I was pretty unsatisfied about the projects we would take care of: they would all involve mass commerce, fast fashion and I was also assigned to projects I was not believing in. Later on, I was able to switch to a new division, taking care of advertising of environmentally friendly products as well as sustainability implementation projects in companies.

And this is my goal: to use my expertise in media and communication to help companies and businesses to become more sustainable. I believe in companies really committed to this task, who have real objectives and moreover, aren’t guided by greed and have profit as their own valuable result.

My contribution

I strongly believe that a new, sustainable, inclusive way of doing business is not just possible, but necessary. It is important to have clear goals and operate for the collective good.

I also believe that communication has a key role in this practice, making people aware and conscious, whether we are talking about partners, employees, shareholders, or consumers.
Communication creates connection and cooperation between realities that can look apparently distant but that get together to produce something good for the common interest. I hope I can be part of this process and contribute actively to making an impactful change.

Contact me!

Contact me via email: savorelli.chiara@gmail.com or through my LinkedIn page