Foto, David Kanco.

Who am I?

I am a 23 years old graduate of bachelor’s studies in mass media communication from Slovakia. I am motivated to use and apply gained knowledge from courses like Crisis communication and Media criticism and analysis during Sustainable Communication studies at Jönköping University. Since the past year I have been focusing on exploring different kinds of technologies related to carbon dioxide reduction in the atmosphere. My interest was picked by Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, which can provide a long-term solution for the protection of our atmosphere, using direct air capture of carbon dioxide, or filtration systems installed on power plants fueled by coal, oil or natural gas.

What are my goals?

Despite this technology being tested and used by some countries for more than two decades, the general knowledge about it is very low.

My primary goal for joining Sustainable Communication studies is to become more competent in the field of sustainable communication methods. I would like to be a part of companies working on expansion of technologies such as this one to as many countries as possible.

Conducting a pilot study on how CCS would become more widely used by the Jönköping County and merging this study with my internship and master’s thesis could be considered my secondary goal.

What to focus on?

Does the population understand the main difference between CCS and the other low-carbon technologies? Is the public perception about CCS in Jönköping County positive enough for trying to enforce the technology here? How could be CCS applied in a sector that is being considered as one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide, an agriculture?
I will find the right research questions. By creating a short survey for local energy companies in order to support the development of CCS in Sweden.

You can find the survey here!

Collaboration with Klimatrådet gives me a new opportunity to pursue dream to fight global warming in my own specific way.

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