Kort intro: Som många av er läst i nyhetsbrevet i oktober 2019 >> kommer studenter från olika delar av världen, som just nu läser det nystartade mastersprogrammet Sustainable Communication, samverka med Klimatrådets aktörer våren 2020. Läs mer här >>

Sustainable Communication - Franziska Hoffstaedter - Climate Council Jönköping
Foto: Franziska Hoffstaedter.

Sustainable Communication

Fran what motivates you?

I am studying Sustainable Communication to reach those who are not (too much) aware of the world we are living in. There is no Planet B where we all can go when the earth’s resources are depleted. I want the next human generation to enjoy the nature and discover all four seasons, sweating in summer, dancing in the rain and playing with fallen down leaves in autumn, sleighing in winter and listening to the bird’s voices in spring.

Central to me is a good life for everyone. What is good? A life where we do not live at the expenses of others. Ways from imperialism to solidarity. I am committed to a sustainable, democratic and socially and ecologically fair coexistence.

The global crises is coming to a peak and I want to find answers and solutions to it.

What you are going to do during your internship at the climate council?

That is why I am doing my internship in cooperation with the Climate Council in Jönköping and will spend four weeks accompanying the Gnosjö municipality in its communication activities. My goal is to find out how the communication department deals with environmental issues and how it communicates to the outside world. I will spend another week at Svalna in Götheborg to explore best practices in sustainability communication. Afterwards I will incorporate my observations and research into a master thesis and give recommendations to the municipality of Gnosjö for long-term sustainability communication.

Interested in knowing more?

If you are interested in my research, please contact me via Linked In @Fran

Want to know more about the program? You´ll find everything here >>