Kort intro: Som många av er läst i nyhetsbrevet i oktober >> kommer studenter från olika delar av världen, som just nu läser det nystartade mastersprogrammet Sustainable Communication, samverka med Klimatrådets aktörer våren 2020. Läs mer här >>

Jule Wegen

Hello Jule!

In August 2019, I left my hometown Bonn (Germany) behind to pursue my Master’s degree in Sustainable Communication in beautiful Jönköping. After graduating in Media Science and Intercultural Communication, I am eager to expand my horizon in the matters of sustainability at Jönköping University. Throughout 5 weeks in February and March 2020, I am looking forward to collaborating with the climate council to put my theoretical knowledge into action and gain some first-hand experience.

Sustainable Communication

What you are going to do during your internship at the climate council?

I am going to expand the climate council’s communication strategy to make the council’s work even more visible for companies in the area. Therefore, I am going to interview the companies who are already participating in the council about their motivations. Then, I am going to transform the interviews into articles and other media outlets, ultimately making the climate council even more attainable for businesses in the region.

Why do you think sustainable communication is important for companies?

I strongly believe that climate change is not only a matter of science but also communication. Companies do have a tremendous impact on climate change and are currently eager to change and develop further. The communication process of these approaches can not only increase a company’s image but also inspire others –  to eventually create a more sustainable future together.

Interested in knowing more?

If you are interested in Jule’s work, feel free to contact her via E-Mail: weju19vf@student.ju.se

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