a self-introduction video

Who am I?

Currently, I am a master’s degree student at Jonkoping University in Sweden. My program is ‘Sustainable communication’. I have considerable experience in journalism. 

Before my master’s degree started, I worked for one of the biggest Ukrainian TV-channels – “1+1” for 4 years. Since 2018 I was a reporter for a morning show, viewed by more than three million spectators daily. I was a creator of news-segments and since one of the top-5 reporters giving daily live-broadcasts. I am the author of more than 300 TV-pieces for Ukrainian TV. They could be found on Youtube.

I am in Sweden for two years. My studies are possible because I won a ‘Visby scholarship’. “Swedish Institute” experts decided that I “have a strong professional background and the ambition to contribute to the sustainable development in my home region.” That is why I want to do my best and know more about the work processes in successful companies in Sweden.

What could I do?

I could help with internal and external communications, produce media content, make reports, make videos (I have shooting and video editing skills), write texts in English, help with Social Media Marketing, brainstorm creative ideas for business. 

My goals:

I have an awareness of how media works in Ukraine but in order to explore means of European communication from within, I am very willing to obtain communication experience within big companies. Sweden is famous for its companies and I am happy that they are a part of the Climate Council. 

I believe that communication and cooperation are highly important for sustainable development. I want to use the English language in my work, that is one of the reasons why I am eager to work within a big company.


Mail: karl_volkogon@ukr.net, Facebook, Linkedin