Sustainable Communication for the Klimatrådet


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“Sustainable Communication” for FC Gruppen

Is it enough to do good things, when nobody knows about it? We think: No! 

The catering and event company FC Gruppen, which is a member of the Klimatrådet, is facing this problem, though: Over the past few years, they have implemented many changes in their work processes in order to enhance their sustainability. Yet, hardly anyone knows about it, due to ineffective communication structures. 

Katharina and Nadine, students of the programme “Sustainable Communication” at Jönköping University,  want to deal with this issue in their internship project by designing and executing a sustainable communication campaign for FC Gruppen.


Hej! My name is Katharina, I am 25 years old and from Austria. There, I did my Bachelor’s in Media- and Communications Consulting.


Hej! My name is Nadine, I am 25 years old and from Germany. After finishing my Bachelor’s in Media Management, I worked for two years in the area of Marketing and Design.

Our project: Communicating FC Gruppen’s sustainability efforts

In August 2020, we started the Master studies “Sustainable Communication” in beautiful Jönköping. We chose this program, because we want to create real change away from profit-oriented marketing.

Creating real change is also a main concern of FC Gruppen. From cutting down the usage of plastics and single-use articles to process mostly local food resources and multiple efforts to reduce food waste – the company has implemented major changes into their work processes. We think this has to be shared and made public! In that way, FC Gruppen can act as a role model for other companies to behave more sustainably as well.

And this is where we come in: We plan to do our internship in March 2021 with the company and aim to create and implement a sustainable communication campaign to make FC Gruppen’s external communication more effective and enhance their image.

Additionally to the internship, we are both interested in writing our Master thesis connected to the Klimatrådet and FC Gruppen.

We are very much looking forward to this project!

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