Kort intro: Som många av er läst i nyhetsbrevet i oktober >> kommer 9 studenter från olika delar av världen >>, som just nu läser det nystartade mastersprogrammet Sustainable Communication, samverka med Klimatrådets aktörer våren 2020. Lucas Wagner är en av dem och han har valt Effektlager på ECRIS!

Sustainable Communication

Lucas what motivates you?

‘Anthropogenic climate change is one of the most crucial and urgent challenges of our time. There are countless human activities that influence the advance of that change, but one of the most impactful ones is the way we produce our energy. Society has emerged to a point where the relinquishment of electricity is unimaginable. The switch from fossil fuels to alternative and environmentally-friendly energy sources needs to happen as soon as possible.

My goal is to support and accelerate that switch through my expertise and skill-set in the area of communication. The first big step towards that goal was done during my bachelor thesis, where I collaborated with the municipality of Ameland in The Netherlands, which aims to produce 100% of their energy from local renewable energy sources by 2030. I supported the achievement of that goal by communicating the issue to German tourists on the island and persuading them to reduce their energy usage. It was an interesting project which gave me new insights on how I can contribute to the switch towards alternative energy and further motivated me to continue in this direction. Consequently, I decided to specialize in sustainable communication and started the eponymous master programme in Jönköping.

My internship & master thesis

My master programme provides me with the possibility to continue working in the area of sustainable energy. I will be doing my internship, and consequently my master thesis, at ECRIS. ECRIS is a vehicle recycling company that collaborates with the Swedish car producer Volvo, from which they receive old or broken cars, spare parts and car batteries. Besides their business in selling spare parts and recycled cars, ECRIS built the biggest second life battery solar storage system in Sweden – an achievement that is interesting for many national and international energy companies.

During my internship and master thesis I will analyze the external communication of ECRIS. The final goal is to provide advice on how the company can improve their external communication and make their unique energy storage system attractive for energy companies in Sweden.

Lucas Wagner - Sustainable Communication
Foto, Lucas Wagner.

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