Who am I?

My name is Maxine Klinkenberg, 22 years old and I am from the Netherlands. In February 2020, I finished my bachelor in Business Administration. During my bachelor’s I mainly focused on marketing and marketing communications, I also undertook two internships (at an advertising agency and in retail). Moreover, I did an exchange in Denmark where I studied courses regarding Film, Transmedia and Storytelling. After graduating for my bachelor I decided to study Sustainable Communication in Jönköping.

Why Sustainable communication?

During my bachelor’s I had my doubts related to the discipline of the course. I was doubting about the practical purpose of those courses. Within my bachelor programme the focus lied mostly on making profit. Yet, I as an individual developed a high interest in sustainability in the broadest sense of the concept.
While searching for a master programme I soon realised that my background in marketing/communications and my great interest in sustainability could be merged, and that my expertise could be used to create sustainable change. Due to my bachelor’s in business I also know what the drivers and motivations are for (corporate) organisations and how that might conflict with taking corporate responsibility regarding sustainability. Nevertheless, I truly believe that within the discussion of sustainable development we should not be too fixated on the responsibility of the individual, since companies, political figures and other powerful decision-makers can really make an impactful change.


During my internship I would like to help a company or organisation to be part of the change. I am looking forward to gain practical experience in the field of sustainable communication.


Contact me via e-mail: maxineklinkenberg@gmail.com or LinkedIn