Kort intro: Som många av er läst i nyhetsbrevet i oktober >> kommer studenter från olika delar av världen, som just nu läser det nystartade mastersprogrammet Sustainable Communication, samverkan med Klimatrådets aktörer våren 2020. Muhammad Hussain är en av dem och han har valt Solsafari 2020! Muhammad blir navet i kommunikationen av Solsafarit och såhär tänker han (såklart skiver och tänker han på engelska)!

Sustainable Communication

What you are going to do?

I plan on using the theoretical knowledge I have obtained during my first semester at Jönköping University and apply them practically. This would involve using my knowledge on sustainability, media participation, as well as my background as a social media content creator, to create coherent, effective and attention grabbing content. Furthermore I would utilize communication methods such as transmedia storytelling to disseminate the message in the most advantageous way possible.

Muhammad - Sustainable Communication
Foto, Muhammad Hussain

Why solar + communication + sustainability?

It’s no secret the damage fossil fuels have done to our environment, and as time continues it becomes more and more apparent we need safer energy alternatives. In my personal opinion there is no better alternative than Solar power, for not only is it renewable energy but sustainable as well because it utilizes the oldest and most abundant form of energy: the Sun. As for why communication, it doesn’t matter how great of concept you have if you can’t convey it properly. And in my opinion, the reason why fossil fuel is King is because the companies behind it employed it so successfully, they have convinced the people that it is the only choice. Perhaps its time to use those very techniques against them and expose the lie that is “clean coal”

Want more – you can get more.

You can reach Muhammad at this email address or his personal one: Muheet11204@gmail.com, and if they’d like my cell number: +46 72 935 1950.

Want to know more about the program? You´ll find everything here >>