Kort intro: Som många av er läst i nyhetsbrevet i oktober 2019 >> kommer studenter från olika delar av världen, som just nu läser det nystartade mastersprogrammet Sustainable Communication, samverka med Klimatrådets aktörer och projekt våren 2020.

Short intro: As many of you read in the October newsletter >>, students from different parts of the world, who are currently studying the newly launched master’s program Sustainable Communication, collabororate with the Climate Council’s actors and projects in the spring of 2020.

Nu kan du följa deras arbete och framsteg!

Sustainable Communication

From upper left: Jule, Ines, Michelle, Lucas, Francesca, Louisa, Tabea, Muhammad and Franziska.
From upper left: Jule >>, Ines, Michelle, Lucas, Francesca, Louisa, Tabea >>, Muhammad and Franziska >>.

We are an international group of highly motivated master students in the field of Sustainable Communication. As diverse our nationalities are as more diverse are our communication backgrounds. What we more likely have in common is our interest in sustainability and how it can be implemented in daily life. As climate change is present every day like as birds chirping in January, we want to get actively engaged in gaining and sharing knowledge for a sustainable future. Therefore, we all choose to do our internships at different companies and municipalities in close collaboration with Klimatrådet Jönköpings Län around the city which educates us. To know how each of us is achieving progress follow us on Linked-In or contact us via our personal email addresses Andreas.olsson@lansstyrelsen is holding on.

Want to know more about the program? You´ll find everything here >>