Sustainability is a sensitive topic and people often relate it to climate change. But it is more than that. Climate change is that really affecting us? I mean we don’t live in the dessert nor by the ice. Well climate change affects every single person more than we think and every single person is somehow responsible for its pace. Climate change is a natural disaster which is hard to stop by the human but he can slow it down. More and more cities are facing flooding and the absence of rain ruins harvests to bring it down to a local level. 

When it comes to sustainability there is more than climate change. Briefly sustainability can be summarized under the triple bottom line planet, people and profit. To care about all these three broader topics on a local level, municipalities must educate themselves for sustainable communication, build up a communication strategy and implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on a local level. 

Facing the challenge of talking and implementing issues of sustainability is tough. Therefore, I joined Gnosjö Kommun to identify strengths and weaknesses in their internal and external communication and expanded my findings on a scientific level for a master thesis. 

Click the link below to follow some recommendations for the municipality how to work on their communication plan and contact me if you are interested in the results of my master thesis. 

Tack se mycket to the Klimatrådet Jönköpings Län to work in collaboration and to show how important it is to build networks and collaborate across borders to protect our planet.